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My first treatment with Milan was after he responded to an emergency call. As a professional clarinet player, I was terrified when in the autumn of 2015 I woke up to find I could hardly move my left arm. From that very first session I knew I was in skilled and capable hands – quite literally! From his huge resource of knowledge which was clearly evident, Milan applied the appropriate combinations of treatments with a firm but considered sensitivity. This has continued to be the hallmark of his treatment. Suffering poor physical and mental health over these last four years while sustaining a highly demanding professional life, I continue to receive regular treatment from Milan. From reducing muscular tensions and headaches to fixing the damage resulting from my often overzealous work schedule alongside his particular specialism in treating my depression issues. Milan’s expert and professional treatment, delivered in the calm and trusting environment which he creates has enabled me to meet the ongoing physical and emotional demands that is part of my life.

Victoria Samek MSc; ARCM (hons) November 2019


'I have been having regular massage treatment from Milan for over two years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, friendly and attentive manner, attention to my needs and his sound advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone requiring treatment.

Peter Evans (London, Highbury)  January 2015



'My impression of Milan is a very flexible therapist in the treatment he's providing. One can expect a session which will be a massage, a bit of acupuncture and/or Chinese cups, in addition he was always interested in the diet and overall wellbeing and willing to help you change it for the better'.

PG (London, Canonbury) December 2014



"I came across Milan by chance and I was so impressed with him he has become one of my regular practitioners for musculoskeletal issues. As a professional contemporary dancer, I frequently have niggles here and there and Milan was a huge support during a particularly challenging project adopting a range of techniques such as massage, acupuncture, cupping and moxa. What makes Milan different from other therapists is his level of care - not only does he provide a great treatment, he also gives aftercare advice so I can be pro-active in looking after myself and not rely on seeing him and to me that is the mark of a great therapist."

Ruth Voon (London, Shepherds Bush) April 2014



"Being a practitioner myself, I am very picky with who I see and can honestly say that Milan is up there with the best. He has a wealth of knowledge and skill, but more than that he is experienced in the subtle healing art of intuition, listening, observation and guidance. He is both gentle and directive, and has helped me physically and emotionally. I continue to seek his advice on a range of health matters and he responds with a real generosity of spirit and presence. Highly recommended."

Tanya Benardout (London, Highbury) September 2013



"Treatments have been really effective and attentively taylored to the particular needs of my case; Milan's approach to treating patients is very understanding and flexible, as well as resourceful. He also provided wide research on my particular case and a continued and close follow up. I would certainly recommend his treatments. "

Y.V. (London, Highbury) August 2013



​​"Thanks to Milan’s acupuncture and Tuina massage treatments I experienced huge improvements in my health after

a few weeks. When I first arrived at his clinic my body was in a state of exhaustion and illness from excessive work, travel and stress… I did not stop my work, but with changes to my diet, acupuncture and massage the balance resumed after few weeks. Apart from Milan’s knowledge I found most helpful his genuine caring and grounding approach, reasonable suggestions related to my lifestyle, patience and encouragement. Thanks again."

Veronica M. (London, Stoke Newington) May 2013



​"I was suffering with a very sharp and painful urinary tract infection which was causing bleeding and quickly progressing to one kidney causing back ache and fatigue. Needless to say the impact of the infection left me unable to function and exhausted, having been unable to rest. With work pressing and a child, I needed immediate attention and so attended a row of acupuncture treatments with Milan.

Alongside the acupuncture, he suggested herbal supplements with natural antibiotic effects and dietary plan specific to nourishing the kidney and bladder which I started straight away. On the evening of my first treatment I felt the immediate effects of pain relief and so was able to sleep straight through until morning. The following afternoon the urine was already regulating, clear of blood and the pain reduced greatly enabling me to start slowly functioning.
It has been just over a week and I have vastly improved. I am continuing with the recommended foods, herbs and rest (when I can) but already I have no symptoms at all, pain free and feeling amazingly revived.
Milan is a highly knowledgeable, experienced and informative therapist with a calming approach who was able to detail and explain the exact functional healing process without overwhelming me. As a preventative measure, I will continue with the nutritional advice freely offered whilst monitoring my recovery. 
No hesitation in returning for future treatments. Highly recommended."

A. Johnson (London, Highgate) April 2013


"I have seen great results from my treatments with Milan. At my first ultra sound scan during pregnancy I found out that I had a fibroid. The midwife told me there was nothing I could do to treat the problem while I was pregnant and that it is common for fibroids to grow in size during pregnancy which may cause me a lot of pain. I was sure a more proactive approach could be taken so I made an appointment with Milan to see if he could help. He spent time providing me with a very thorough explanation of the condition and what had caused it. I received 3 acupuncture treatments and Milan also gave me very detailed nutritional advice to follow.

I'm happy to say it worked as when I returned to the antenatal clinic for my next ultra sound 2 months later the fibroid had totally disappeared. Furthermore, Milan correctly predicted the sex of my baby using Traditional Chinese Medicine, before me finding out! I recommend Milan extremely highly. I always leave my appointments feeling re-balanced, energised and really positive. He is a highly skilled and genuine practitioner who goes to great effort to make an accurate and detailed assessment of your condition then treat it effectively, and at a very fair price."  

Lottie Pole (London, Kensal Green) March 2013


"I had a course of treatment from Milan for problems I had with my neck, shoulders and Achilles Tendons. He used a combination of massage, acupuncture and cupping to great effect.The massage was very intense at times but it did a lasting effect on removing the tension and hard, knotted areas of muscle that had been causing me trouble.
Milan is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Chinese medicine and was very good at explaining what he was doing and how it would affect the body. I have had treatments from other therapists in the past but none as good as that I received from Milan, and none that had such lasting results. I would not hesitate to go back to him for further treatment should the need ever arise”.  

Terry McKie (London, Angel) November 2012


"I had an injury of a knee after everyday cycling, the joint was cracking and painful for weeks. I booked few sessions with Milan. Received quite strong massage at the back of the knee and surrounding tendons and muscles. The knee was improving step by step and recently I’m back to my routine. Seeing Milan once a month to avoid any further troubles."

 J. M. (London, Bow) January 2013


"I visited Milan on a weekend morning and received deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage. The therapy room is located in the 4th floor, basic but clean and comfortable. Therapist was very friendly and immediately put me at my ease. He was very knowledgeable and gave me an excellent deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage. He asked about few other issues regarding my health and gave me tips to manage this and better my posture etc. I would definitely recommend this place and will be returning to try acupuncture and sort other health problems."

Roberto Ishi (London, Wood Green) November 2012


"I've always been a bit skeptical about massages. I have been to a few places but never really experienced the benefits. However, right after my session with Milan, the knots on my shoulders and back had disappeared. He was so friendly and experienced obviously. This is one of the best massages I've had in ages and I will definitely be coming back."

V. Jilek (London, Manor House)," December 2012


"I contracted a mild form of (what I think) was sciatica after having slept in an awkward position in September 2012. As a result I had shooting pains from time-to-time on the left side of my body. Driving could also be painful when I had to depress the clutch. Swimming often encouraged the shooting pain. Sciatica is a condition that most GPs will usually treat by prescribing pain killers and advising self-help techniques. I went to Milan for three one hour sessions over a nine week period. Milan used massage therapies along with acupuncture and cupping. I am delighted to say that his treatments cleared the condition completely. I would thoroughly recommend Milan as a practitioner. Prior to the sciatica I would go for a general therapeutic massage around once a month so I know from experience if a practitioner is well skilled. Milan, in my view, is not only well skilled but adept at making an assessment and deciding what techniques are best employed."

Philip Blackmore (London, Highbury) December 2012


"Milan has been treating me for ten months, providing valuable support through difficult times. His treatments can be remarkably energising. Alternatively, they help me to balance, reground and rest when I’m overdoing it. His genuine manner and attentive practice yield good results for me."  

George Fenoulhet Walker (London, Clapton), November 2012


"Really great massage, the tension was really worked out of my shoulders. I felt much better afterwards. I was treated by Milan who was very pleasant and  knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and diet."  

Nicole (London, Paddington), July 2012


"I was informed that I had lots of tension in my shoulders and back and Milan got to work straight away. If you’re expecting a soft and tender massage, this won’t be for you. Described as China’s version of physiotherapy/osteopathy, the knots and tension were worked out quite rigorously and at times it did feel really strong. I’m not complaining (it obviously was quite tight and tense), but I just don’t want others to be surprised at the experience. I woke up the next day a little sore but nothing major. The following day after that, however, felt amazing and my shoulders feel a lot lighter than previous regular massages."  

Micaela (London, Paddington), July 2012



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